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For two weeks, you’re part of the team. Spend your vacation in a profound way - by investing yourself in people who are suffering by providing practical refugee aid.



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October 4 – 16, 2024

A camp week with the children of the Learn2Live and Arab-Up program in Mafraq and with children in the Azraq refugee camp.
Registration deadline: August 24, 2024
Preparatory meeting: August 24, 2024, 8:00 p.m., Zoomcall

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28 Nov

NOIVA Health launches mobile dental clinic

Bad teeth are often a sign of poverty. In […]

27 May

Tried and tested Swiss-Jordanian-Syrian collaboration

A Kids’ Week in Camp Azraq, a week full […]

17 Jan

“I’ve learned to look behind façades”

Elsbeth Kunz has three adult children, is a happy […]

A Different Kind of Christmas

How it all began...

In the spring of 2014, the incredible images of thousands of displaced Syrian families reached us. What we saw broke our hearts and tugged at something deep inside of us. We knew we had to do something. That Christmas, more than 140 volunteers from Switzerland were mobilized to respond to the needs we saw. The first NOIVA mission in Jordan became reality and the foundation for our work on the ground was laid...


Unsere Causes

Mit Computerkurse und Lernplätzen eine Chance eröffnen

Jordanien ist eines der Länder, das am stärksten von der Krise in Syrien betroffen ist. Nicht nur für die Syrischen Flüchtlinge sondern auch für die von hoher Arbeitslosigkeit betroffenen Jordanier ist der Alltag nach dem Flüchtlingsstrom nicht einfacher geworden.

“If we do not have peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong together.”

Mother Teresa