Was uns bewegt und beschäftigt

In Jordan with NOIVA

If you give yourself and do good to others, this also changes your own life. This time, we report on events and experiences that participants in their missions with NOIVA did in Jordan.


A newspaper article drew my attention to the Foundation NOIVA, and I signed up spontaneously. The team here in Jordan has warmly welcomed and lovingly accompanied me during the two-week mission. Seeing children play, giving them love, happiness and a little variety in their difficult daily life, looking into their beaming faces … all this makes me happy. To feel welcomed by the refugee families, and to experience their hospitality inspired me. The work of the team here in Jordan is very valuable.

Franca (62)

Not anonymous politicians or aid organizations, but thinkers with heart, who also work with relationships, are needed to ease the plight of refugees.



Carole with children_160515

In this one week which I spent in Jordan, I got a whole new picture of the Middle East and the Arabs. All the prejudices with which I had, I could let go this week, because instead I have a new perspective at life in the crisis area.

Carole W. (15), student

Doris with bunch of children_160515

Being directly in touch with those in need, in a sincere, uncomplicated and visionary way. That’s how I remember the work of NOIVA during my visit. An impressive and enriching experience. Thanks a lot.

Doris W., teacher

kids with lollies_040515

These moments and conversations with people are very special and it shows you what we do here is the right thing. We can try to bring back the joy of life that the war has taken away from them.

Magdalena S. (23), student


These children’s handprints, made during a creative workshop in a school, remind me that the precious people here left their mark with their lives and are not just “numbers” among the many refugees!

Anna W. (37), NOIVA Team member, Jordan

Anna with Family_030515

After each encounter with one of these incredibly likeable people, I think, now we have again found a precious pearl …

Anna W. (37), NOIVA Team member, Jordan

Andi with boy

The love and gratitude, the response, are many times greater than any “investment”!

Andi H. (29), airline pilot

Adrian und 3 Kids

Again and again I see the number of the refugees here in Jordan: the individual fates of people whose vast amount of problems, the difficulty of the situation, all the needs … How important is it that I recognize the individuals that I meet. There are ‘the’ special moments where suddenly an acquired toy car, a stuffed-animal or a few marbles have much greater importance, than anywhere in the abundance of a Swiss children’s room!

Adrian B. (57), learning coach

Christina with women_230415

Filled with many encouraging experiences and with a great feeling of satisfaction and joy, I will re-enter into the everyday life here in Switzerland, always open for the next opportunity again to give away a few weeks time to the people in Jordan!

Christina N. (54), social worker

Kadhija with boyKadhjia with girl_230415

What touched me most of all? People there who have nothing, give and share their belongings. I’ve lost my heart to the children of Jordan!

Kadhija H. (25), medical assistant