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Mobile dental clinic – small but impressive!

Bad teeth are often a sign of poverty. In Jordan, many refugees cannot afford a dentist. But help is on the way in the form of a mobile dental clinic.

For years now, an inconspicuous container has been standing on what used to be a farm in Switzerland. The red cross against a white background reveals its former identity as a mobile field hospital. It’s been waiting a long time for its next mission, and the moment finally seems to have come. NOIVA Health will ship it to Jordan and set it up to provide badly needed dental treatment in the Middle East. In difficult living conditions, people tend to neglect dental care, or they simply don’t have the resources they would need. This, in combination with an unbalanced diet, often leads to tooth damage over the long term.

Valuable cooperation
Andi Herzog, an airline pilot and a volunteer at NOIVA Health, is managing the project from Switzerland. He has found good support in the Red Crescent, and the Masroor Medical Research Institute has also agreed to join the venture. But a lot of work remains to be done before everything is up and running: The interior of the container needs to be prepared, a suitable transport vehicle needs to be purchased, the equipment needs to be installed, and enough supplies must still be found.

Effective dental prophylaxis
Prevention is particularly important for children. NOIVA regularly hands out toothbrushes and toothpaste to refugee families and playfully teaches children how to administer proper oral hygiene, a recurring theme also found in the “learn2live” groups. The children enjoy passing on what they have learned to their friends and relatives and like to motivate their parents, siblings and friends to take better care of their teeth. In many cases, though, it’s already too late for prevention …

Looking for supporters
… which is why two dentists and an assistant with the mobile dental clinic are planning to set out on the road in the north of Jordan to care for those who urgently need treatment but have little money. The project is financed through donations.

You can find further information on NOIVA Health and the account details here.


Ein Blick ins Innere des Containers


«Zäme chrampfe macht Freud!»



Die zeltartige Erweiterung …


… sorgt für zusätzlichen Raum.

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