Community Peace and Reconciliation Trainings

a NOIVA initiative

We promote the discussion on peace and reconciliation

The Middle East region is rocked by ongoing conflicts and crises. Politics, media, money and power are the main forces that keep people trapped in the spiral of fear, anger, division and hatred.

More than ever, peacemaking initiatives that begin with individuals, families and neighbors are critical to creating a new perspective. On the basis of forgiveness and reconciliation, division can be overcome and a good, shared future can be built.

«Forgiveness means giving life back to the person who hurt you.»

Quote participant reconciliation course in the Jordan Valley (2022)


Stories of peacemakers

What happens if you dare


The project

More than ever, people are needed to help build bridges. Understanding forgiveness, reconciliation and true friendship with God and with each other opens up perspectives in which people can find their way back to each other – regardless of what happened in the past.

In our reconciliation courses, we experience with groups of different ages what it means to deal with these issues in a very practical way – regardless of which religion, culture or nation we belong to.

We believe it’s important now to bring these approaches to the forefront and get people and groups talking about them.

In collaboration with local organizations, we hold the courses at regular intervals in various locations in Jordan.

peacemaker course

Reflections from participants

«True peace between nations will only come when there is true peace in the souls of men.»

Nicholas Black Elk

What we talk about

The courses teach conflict resolution strategies. Six two-hour trainings discuss topics such as relationships, identity, healthy boundaries, forgiveness, and reconciliation. The trainings are designed to help people discover who they are and live in peace – in their relationships, with those close to them, and in their communities.

Group games, drama, music and discussion are used in the sessions to engage participants in creative, fun and sustainable ways. Participants are challenged to look at real-life problems and think about ways they can participate in finding practical solutions in their communities. The course concludes with a co-designed event for the participants’ local community.

Reflections from Nehaja

Participant of the "peacemaker course"