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Many refugee children in Jordan cannot read. They go to school, but benefit little from the lessons. There are numerous reasons for this: overburdened teachers, overcrowded classes, outdated teaching methods and materials, missed school years in Syria, and trauma-related hindrances. In addition, the COVID-19 Crisis pushed Jordan's already overburdened school system further beyond its limits. Our education initiative is bridging the gaps that prevent children from their education. The creative practical lessons open the door to their hearts and minds!


Our Project

The idea behind "Learn2Live" is that underprivileged children are taught in mixed-age small groups by unemployed mothers and fathers of Jordanian or Syrian origin at their homes. In addition to studying reading, writing and mathematics, girls and boys benefit from trauma processing, the promotion of social skills and personal development support. Several times a year, all of the children participating in learning groups are invited to a project week, which focuses on fun and games, sports, music, art and practical skills in topics such as hygiene, first aid and health.

“The goal is to strengthen the children’s personal and social skills in a playful, creative way.”

Amina, learning coach with Learn2Live


Introducing Ourselves

Our passionate and committed Syrian and Jordanian learning coaches enable important academic, social, and emotional growth for about 80 children.

“It takes an encounter with hope to make faces shine with joy. It takes a hand and a heart. It takes a lot of love and patience to encourage people to live again.”

Choloud, learning coach with Learn2Live

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Lernzentrum für syrische Flüchtlinge in Jordanien

Helfe unserem erfahrenen Team vor Ort, das Lernzentrum ins Leben zu rufen.


Arabic Education for Young Students

"Arab-Up" offers Syrian and Jordanian children Arabic lessons. The offer is aimed at 1st and 2nd grade children, who are taught Arabic in small groups (up to 12 children) by unemployed mothers and fathers. They teach them three times a week in addition to their normal school lessons. The lessons take place in the respective homes of the tutors. The teaching material is provided and introduced by NOIVA staff and experienced Learn2Live learning coaches. The tutors are compensated by NOIVA for their work.

“The goal is to strengthen children’s personal and social skills in a fun, creative way.”

Amina, learning coach with Learn2Live

Introducing Ourselves

Eight motivated men and women open their homes 3x/week to children from the neighborhood to teach them to read and write in Arabic.

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Your Contribution

The project is entirely supported by donations. Your support makes a huge difference for these children. You will support much needed tutoring so that the children do not miss out on Arabic reading and writing skills, as well as supporting work opportunities for unemployed mothers and fathers.

“Since I have been able to work as a tutor with NOIVA, my life has totally changed for the better. I look forward to spending time with the kids every day!”

Iman, tutor with Arab-Up
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