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NOIVA Health

Our Urgent Health Initiative

Countless military conflicts have left a trail of devastation in the Middle East: bombed-out cities, torn-up earth, burnt ruins. But it is the survivors who have suffered the greatest damage. Not only have they lost everything, but in many cases they are also badly scarred by the experience. Countless sick, injured and traumatized people need professional help.

We create an environment in which holistic recovery is possible. Health is an important prerequisite for leading a self-determined, dignified life. Dreams arise from the basis of good health.

Project Overview

The Dental Clinic

Every year, NOIVA performs around 2,000 dental treatments - tooth extractions, cavity treatments, root canal operations and dental cleanings. To prevent severe dental issues in the future, patients also receive preventive treatments.

“NOIVA Health promotes mental and physical health, prevention, and education/training in the health field.”

Andreas Herzog, founder of NOIVA Health

NOIVA Health

Situation in Jordan

Jordan’s eight million citizens have been doing a very good job of caring for Syrian refugees since the beginning of the Syrian war in 2011. It is estimated that they are hosting 1.5 million Syrian refugees, of which about 655,000 are registered with the UNHCR. 

Countless organizations are doing their best to alleviate the suffering. However, some have already exhausted their staying power and resources. The COVID-19 Crisis has certainly added to this. According to the World Bank, unemployment among Jordanians is moving toward 20%. Among Jordanians 30 years of age and younger, unemployment figures reach 61%. This inevitably generates tensions.

NOIVA Health

Mobile Dental Clinic

Dental care is a major problem in Jordan for the poorer sections of the population, to which most refugees belong. It often starts with an unbalanced diet and lack of oral hygiene in everyday life. When a visit to the dentist is urgently needed, money is often lacking.

NOIVA Health has recognized the great need for dental treatment and built a mobile dental clinic modeled after a field hospital. The fold-out container is transported by truck and brings dentists directly to underserved regions where their services are most urgently needed.

NOIVA Health



Andi Herzog

Project Manager NOIVA Health


Dr. Gaith al Sarhan

Dentist and partner mobile dental clinic


Verena Wimmer


NOIVA Health

Partner – Straumann Group

NOIVA Health

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