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A myriad of wars has left a trail of devastation in the Middle East: bombed out cities, soil torn open, burnt-out ruins. The survivors, however, are the ones who are damaged the most. They did not only lose everything, but many of them are also deeply marked by what they went through. Innumerable sick, hurt and traumatized people are in need of professional help.

We create an environment that makes holistic healing possible. Health is an important prerequisite in order to live a self-determined life in dignity. Dreams and prospects can flourish based on health.

NOIVA Health supports mental and physical health, prevention as well as education and training in the health care sector.

The Situation in Jordanien

7.5 million Jordanians have been pulling their weight since the outbreak of the war in Syria in 2011. According to estimates they provide shelter for 1.5 million Syrian refugees, 655.000 of which are registered with the UNHCR.

Innumerable organizations are doing their best to relieve the misery. However, stamina and resources are already exhausted for many of them. At this point in time prospects are not good for the refugees in this region, and the local population is suffering, too.

Providing medical care for the refugees is also a great challenge. The UNHCR physician responsible for Jordan foresees tremendous difficulties and therefore very much welcomes our direct help. Despite limited possibilities we make an important contribution in this humanitarian catastrophe.


This is what we have already achieved:

  • During at-home visits we identify refugees in urgent need of medical aid and pass them on to appropriate partner organizations. In various cases we have already been successful in financing surgery. Emergency care on a smaller scale is often administered directly on location.
  • We held a first aid training on location in February 2017; about 50 refugees participated.
  • Approximately 20 doctors willing to practice in Jordan could be mobilized. Some of them have already accompanied NOIVA on-site in order to evaluate the situation.
  • Various other medical professionals want to support these on-site missions.
  • We became partners with the Jordanian Red Half Moon in February 2017. This allows NOIVA access to a hospital and gives them permission to practice in Jordan.
  • A mobile clinic container is available in Switzerland.


Project Manager Andi Herzog and surgeon Volker Wedler meet in a refugee camp in Northern Jordan to check out the situation regarding their planned activities.


These are the next steps:

  • Preparations are underway at the moment for the first, more extensive medical operation. It will take place in the first week of September 2017 under the direction of surgeon Dr. Volker Wedler, Interplast, and with a CHEIRA team. Approximately 20-30 surgical procedures will be performed during that week.
    The next steps are providing a description of the project, establishing the budget as well as searching for sponsors. Around CHF 15.000 to 20.000 are required for this operation. All volunteers from Switzerland will work at no cost.
  • The mobile clinic container will be renovated and equipped and its transport to Jordan will be organized.

We are looking for:

  • qualified medical professionals for future volunteer missions in Jordan
  • donations and sponsors for the September 2017 operation


I would like to join this project

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Thank you very much for your interest. Your donations help NOIVA to implement this project as described and to serve refugees in the Middle East. All medical staff including physicians and surgeons are unpaid volunteers. Donations are used for additional cost, e.g., transportation, logistics and medical supplies.

Bank: Valiant Bank AG, 5401 Baden, Konto 30-38112-0

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Beneficiary: Stiftung NOIVA, Zeughausstrasse 52, 8400 Winterthur

Please mark all donations specifically for the operation in September 2017 as «September 2017».


Please transfer general donations marked as «Health».

Project Team

Andi Herzog
Project Manager

NOIVA Health Project Leader

Dr. Volker Wedler
Dr. med.

Specialist for reconstructive surgery

Dr. Joel Gsponer

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